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shop_truckIn 1981, Mark and Jill Davis started their Koi business. For the first three months they rode the local bus to their first jobsite. With the money from that job, they bought their first company truck. They quickly established a reputation for dedicated service, commitment to learning, excellence, and quality in Koi related fields of business.

Several years later, Santa Barbara Koi's clientele had grown beyond imagination, with a skilled staff capable of accomplishing anything imaginable in the water feature industry. In 2001 they purchased the existing Koi store at 110 E. Montecito Street at a foreclosure auction. The store needed a lot of work; they removed over 60,000 lbs of garbage, abandoned vehicles and debris stacked 10 feet high; Jill and Mark and their employees had to clean out, reseal, and re-plumb all of the badly leaking ponds as well as install energy efficient pumps and filters that meet Santa Barbara Koi's requirements.

koiThe store and warehouse were fumigated, rewired, reroofed and painted inside and out. The store received new counter space, shelving, lighting fixtures, and new flooring. The outside of the property on the street was completely re-landscaped as there were no plants alive when they bought it. About 9 months later, they brought in the first batch of Koi into the store. Today, that store still sits at 110 East Montecito St, with many crystal clear ponds to show off the fine collection of Japanese Koi.

Santa Barbara Koi has grown from a small, two person Mom and Pop pond business (though they really were too young to be called a Mom and Pop business) to a very large and completely vertical Koi operation. Santa Barbara Koi is now the largest full-service, wholesale Koi business in Santa Barbara as well as the tri-counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. You will have a hard time to find a business anywhere in the United States that is so diverse and skilled in the Koi field.